DIY Facial Scrub To Get Rid Of Acne In A Week!

You are wondering  what kind DIY facial scrub can get rid of acne, right? Let's  get the back story first.

Because  the manetabolism vitamins gave me a bad breakout,  I had to revisit my facial routine that I'd neglected for weeks.  The one thing I endured was using the facial cleansers daily.  What was happening was the acne persisted. I had a eureka moment when I realized I didn't have a facial scrub and at this time of the week,  it wasn't possible  to go to shop to get one.  I had to create a facial scrub for temporal use.  That turned into my beat decision so far regarding my face.

In my kitchen,  I had cinnamon  and baking soda as well as brown sugar.  I mixed these three up,  wiped the make up off my face and began the scrubbing.  I didn't measure each ingredient but I used a generous amount of each. I scrubbed for about 10 minutes.  The granules of the baking soda are quite gentle on the skin.
A week later

12 hours later, the huge pimples had vanished from the face!  It was as if nothing had happened to the face!

This is a recipe I'm going to use for a long time to come.  I'll purchase a facial scrub but will alternate between them. My skin feels extremely  smooth and all because a facial scrub was missing from the routine.

I combined this with another DIY facial cream so stay tuned for that one tomorrow.


  1. Patricia9:42 am

    This is beautiful, i dont have brown sugar can only the baking soda help?

  2. Yes. You can add honey

  3. Anita Boatemaa1:53 pm

    Plz how can I get rid of the pimples and black spots on my face


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