Growing Natural Hair (TWA)

I haven't been doing anything special to my hair. I just spray water and apply Eco styler gel to lay the hair down. I apply some castor oil to the edges daily. 

The Wash 

  1. Shampoo with carion shampoo

  2. Deep condition with Dark And Lovely Amla Legend mask

  3. Applied kinky curly knot today leave in 

  4. Sealed with hair growth oil mixture and a bit of gel. 

      I'll trim off the bits of relaxed hair left when the hair gets a bit longer .

      That's how simple my routine is. I take my supplements diligently each day. 

      I'm enjoying my hair so much more this year. I mean I have everything I need to hide it but I don't.

       I'm just looking forward to rather spending on some skin products next month. 


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