Hair Wonder Oil and Cream

By some sheer coincidence, the seller of hair wonder happened to pop up in out WhatsApp group and shared some progress pictures with the products. The thing is I'd liked the page a few days before and had intended finding out more information about the products. 

Now, the one huge hurdle I have is my terrible edges which are annoyingly fragile that the braid sets me back. That's the purpose to choosing to give the hair wonder a try later. My  Jbco mix goes on for now. 

The price is 50gh from the seller herself and I got free delivery too. The first noticeable thing is the cool smell. I really fell in love with the smell before opening the jar.

I want to stick to manetabolism for now but the edges need immediate attention too so I apply the Jbco mix daily.

It promises results in 2-6 weeks. The instructional manual has information on how to use it for each purpose. For now, my hair line is the problem hence I'll be using the cream daily and the oil twice a week as directed when I'm done with manetabolism.

The natural oil is 70ml which probably explains why it's to be used sparingly.

I'll share the ingredient list in the next update.

Have you used hair wonder before?


  1. Got delivery of mine hair wonder product yesterday. I hope it works for me.

  2. I hope it works.

  3. Does it work In permed hair


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