How To Keep Moisture In Your Hair At Night

The 4c TWA journey is full of learning curves. The first thing I faced was dry hair after the big chop. Four days later, I ended up discovering a solution.

  1. I used a heavy oil which was the Vitamin E oil. The texture is like Jamaican Black Castor oil.

  2. Cover with a satin bonnet and call it a night. 

My hair felt soft after the first trial and that's how I retain moisture during sleep. I'll either get sheabutter or use Jamaican black castor oil to seal and see how it goes. For now, the vitamin E oil works and it's a great opportunity to use it up whilst nurturing my hair in its infant stage. In addition, the hair wonder cream is also quite thick to use to seal in the moisture.

 The oil doesn't really matter, what works is the bonnet. Protecting the hair with a satin bonnet prevents moisture loss at night especially if you sleep on a cotton pillow case.


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