March Goals Review; April Goals

I honestly don't feel my routine has changed that much ! On the contrary, I enjoy my hair more these days.

Let's see how March went.

  • I big chopped and it wasn't anything spectacular. Been there and done that. However, I'm much more relaxed about growth now. In fact, I'm not on the mane choice again. I loved it but the breakout was nasty.  Will I take it again? Not sure. Since taking then separately in the day helped,  I'll see. 

  • Use up products: I used up the cantu sheabutter co wash and I'm now on the cantu conditioner. I have the superfruit to use up.

  • I created onion shampoo, hibiscus  black soap shampoo, hibiscus leave in and thereby ended up saving some money. When these ones finish,  then,  I'll consider the store bought ones.  The reason being that my hair isn't long enough to use 50gh worth of product on it.  In addition,  I plan to use up products faster too. Now,  the kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner is finished. I've switched to the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz leave in conditioner. 

April Goals

  • Keep using the hair growth oil mixture daily on the scalp. My edges are slowly but gradually getting fuller. 

  • Keep taking my supplements. I have the nature's  bounty HSN vitamins to finish.  After that,  I'll test the beautifully  bamboo vitamins. 

  • continue to wear my hair out.  Now that the hair is long enough to braid,  I'm fighting the desire to braid it up.  Wearing it out gives me the opportunity to work with my hair but at the same time,  braiding it up will give me a break. Decisions,  decisions.  

  • Do an Amla powder infusion and also shikakai infusion.  I intend using them in 3 months time.  I'll heat up the oil a little for the infusion. 

  • Use up the sheamoisture superfruit conditioner.  I, honestly, sometimes feel I've been using expired products Lol. 

  • The last one is use up the Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask. Isn't it expired? Lol.  😂😂😂😂


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