My Natural Hair Stay Moisturized For 3 Days

When you see such a post, it may seem so irrelevant but when you have dry hair, especially, 4C natural hair, then, you know you have seen a life saver Lol.

So what did I do to achieve moisturized hair for 3 days in a row?

First, I'd sprayed my hair with rose water  before sealing with the cantu sheabutter gel oil. Now, the hair felt crunchy after that so I added a bit more of regular oil.

The gel oil feels like gel so once the regular oil was applied, the crunchy feeling was vanquished. By the end of the day, the hair felt the same way it was in the morning.

 Like I'd just washed it. Wet but not too wet, soft and soft. Well, in the night I slapped some aloe vera gel on the hair. Generous amount of oil gel and aloe gel kept hair moisturized until weekend.

With such a result, why wouldn't I keep using this combination? Lol. I'll use that for a couple of weeks and see if the results are consistent. I sure do hope they will be.

How do you keep your moisturized?


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