Protein Or Moisture Deep Conditioning After Relaxer

When you start out on your relaxed hair journey, it can be quite confusing when you have to decide on the different treatments your hair will need.

We know about moisture deep conditioners which are menat to infuse moisture into your hair and protein deep conditioners to strengthen your hair and replenish lost protein. Now, the question is whether to use protein treatment during the relaxer step or after relaxer.

What my readings have taught me is that any of these two works depending on your end result. When you want to strengthen your hair right after relaxer, there's nothing wrong with that. However, a moisture treatment infuses more moisture back into the hair rather than protein. What about using both? I prefer using a deep conditioner with both uses such as ORS replenishing  conditioner. This provides both moisture and protein and that's a sure way of enjoying both benefits.

The key thing is to deep condition your hair before relaxing, then either during or after the relaxer. At least a week after relaxing, be sure to deep condition again.


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