Quick Wash Day (8 Weeks Post Relaxer)


Now on to the reason why you are here L.

I'm at the scab hair stage; the dry hair that you experience after big chop. What people say is that the relaxers affect the new growth coming in so that hair is quite dry and crunchy. What I've been doing is spraying rose water on it before applying the oils. 

It's a long road to recovery but after a couple of months, things will become normal. 

The Wash 

  • Shampooed with carion shampoo

  • Deep conditioned with Dark and Lovely Amla legend Mask. I'll begin using the steam cap to infuse more moisture into the hair. I'll get back to Prepoo whenever I use a shampoo too. I want my hair to begin retaining moisture before it gets longer. 4C natural hair requires minimum manipulation and the moisture content can be maintained with a consistent routine.

It's been a week post big chop and so far, so good. 

I've prepared a hair spritz for morning use which I'll share with you soon. The good thing about natural hair is the ability to absorb water without looking mushy. I'm able to spritz daily.

How's your hair? 


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