Wash Day With Hibiscus Shampoo

Hibiscus in our local language is "Sobolo" or "bissap" and that is what I used to create a new shampoo. 

The onion shampoo is finished thus I had to prepare a new batch of black soap shampoo for my hair. I added hibiscus for its moisturizing abilities and a few spoonful of glycerin. To give  the shampoo extra boost, I mixed in a bit of Sulphur powder. This mixture is enough for a month. I hope there wouldn't be any pungent smell like the onion shampoo.


My moisturizing and sealing routine has been crazy. I used to use just oils to seal but my natural hair drinks up the oil. I began using the hair wonder cream and my hair seems to have calmed down.

The wash 

Shampoo with black soap and hibiscus.

Deep conditioned under a steamer with the aphogee balancing moisturizer for about 10 minutes.

I used  the kinky curly knot today leave in conditioner and sealed with sulphur oil and cocoa butter. 

At night, it's aloe vera, hibiscus leave in and rose water spritz. I add a bit of Sulphur oil. There are days I use just the hibiscus alone or the rose water alone and even in the mornings too. I also seal with cocoa butter in the mornings. 

This routine is quite simpler than it appears to be. I have it all planned so I do them out of habit. I don't want my hair to experience dryness in any form as it grows out. From the onset, a moisturized hair will yield to easy styling.

Anyway, that's the wash day for this week. I'm now 10 weeks post relaxer too.


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