12 Weeks Post Relaxer

I can't imagine myself being 12 weeks Post relaxer but natural. 

I'd  wanted to see how my hair looks like at 12 weeks but lo and behold,  I've already cut off the relaxed parts. 
Now,  will I be able to make it to armpit Length?  Yes,  if not close,  at least past shoulder length. I've been doing a couple of intensive regimen now that I'm back on the growth wagon. 

  • Rice water rinse

  • Daily use of Jamaican Black castor oil 

  • Using wild growth hair oil

  • Taking my hair vitamins 

  • Drinking a lot of water

  • Washing frequently to keep the scalp clean

  • Now taking the beautifully bamboo tea. I'll switch to the hair supplement next month. 

  • Applying the sulphur oil daily. 

The one thing I need to be serious with is the scalp massages. 

Overall,  I look forward to the next 12 weeks and how much I can do within this time. 

I do wish to get braids for a break but on the other hand,  the edges, especially,  the left side looks like it's  getting bald or probably has become a bald patch. I don't want to risk it as well as cause further damage therefore it's difficult deciding on what to do. 

I shampooed with hibiscus black soap shampoo. There is a lot of hibiscus in the shampoo so I didnt use any conditioner. For the next wash though,  I'll condition it. I've not been deep conditioning because I moisturize and seal quite often. 

I'll be washing the hair three times a week this April and definitely moisturiIng and sealing daily. 

I'm enjoying the beautifully bamboo vitamins and tea. If you want to purchase one,  contact me on 0541458372. 


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