I'm On The Rice Water Rinse

The latest hair technique has been the Rice water rinse.

Here's how I prepared the Rice water rinse. About four days ago,  I boiled some rice,  scooped the water and poured it into an empty bottle.

I left it for two days to ferment..  The smell was just overpowering 😂.  I added more warm water to the rinse and allowed it to cool before using to  rinse the hair.  It's  the last thing to do after washing the hair. It doesn't have a pleasant smell though. 

I kept the rest of the unmixed rice water rinse in the fridge to stop the fermentation process. 

I covered the hair with a shower cap and went to bed with it. I'm going to keep doing this treatment bi weekly for three months and then give you a final report.

Between these three months,  I may prepare two more batches. 

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