One TOOL To Prevent Dry Hair

When you sleep without covering your hair at night, that's the first sign of trouble with dryness.

To reduce this and single strand knots, you need a satin or silk cap.

When I protect my hair at night with a cap, the hair remains moisturized till morning and moisturizing and sealing again is less tedious and also allows the hair to absorb the products properly.

If you don't have it, try a satin pillow case. I don't enjoy the satin pillow case because it gets very warm at night which makes it uncomfortable to sleep on.

You can also get your tailor or seamstress to make one for you. I got a tailor to do the satin pillow case and others have used the satin to create caps.

If all fails, then, pick up one from the online shops for less than 30gh.


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