Water and Oil Do Not Work for my 4C Natural Hair

Practically, my hair doesn't like products when it's relaxed but when natural,  it drinks up everything. Now,  we use AC at night so it's made matters worse.

One month difference.

I skip the cream sometimes out of laziness and these days,  doing so is a ticket to dry hair.  I can't wait for the length so I can twist it up for bed. Soon,  I'll need a night routine that will keep the hair stretched. The first 16 months would be hard but I'm ready.

I've calculated that by May next year, I'd be able to wear two twists for bed time and buns during the day to stretch the hair.

Anyway,  since I've learnt my lesson, I'll be sure to stock up on creamy leave in or moisturizer.

This just makes me see how much my hair is growing and how fast I can reach my goals as this rate.


  1. Angela Quaye3:35 pm

    Thanks for the post. I think my hair is like yours. If I really want it to stay moisturised for long then I have to wet it properly with water before adding creamy leave in, oil and shea butter.

  2. Yes. Our weather is also another major problem.


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