4 Things I'm Doing To Lose Weight

Haven gone from 55kg to 68kg within the past 7 years might not seem a big deal but for a petite person like me, it is a huge leap in weight gain. The worst part is it is reflected in my tummy area.

I've been to the gym a couple of times but consistency has been a major problem especially with my work schedule. Whilst I intend getting back to the gym,  dietary changes will be a major role in the weight loss. I love food; I hate to be hungry so I need a balance to keep enjiyingwhat I love and still shed the excess fat.

The first thing I've incorporated into my routine is watching my breakfast. The first switch I did was to use what I had whilst waiting in the ones I wanted. For example,  I switvhed from black tea to aloe Vera honey tea. Instead of two donuts, I take one. It was a struggle but I've got it under control now.

Next is avoiding soft drinks as much as possible. I enjoy my sprite and pizza but aside that I opt for juice or less alcoholic beverages when I'm out. These tweaks git me immediate results.

To make the weight loss more effective,  I try to walk home at least twice a week. It's about an hour walk but I enjoy it. It affords me the opportunity to regroup my thoughts before getting home. That also has helped me create an after work routine which has eased my stress levels. I fins time to relax with my son and pamper myself too. Also,  I'm able to check out home chores and organise my things properly. It seems I've had more time for myself now more than ever.

The gym is close to my work so I'm sure I'll begin this June. I needed a footwear and I have that now. Getting my shape back isn't the goal; lossing the tummy fat is the purpose. I've lost it before, prior to getting pregnant so I know I can do it again. If I had a running partner for dawn jogging like I used to,  I'd be the most happiest person. I'll see if I can find one. May be going for a jog at least once will allow me to meet others.

How do keep your weight off?


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