6 Months Natural Hair Goals

At the moment,  I want to put my hair journey into the right perspective and having goals will serve as a guide.

May: This month,  I'm taking the nature's bounty HSN, applying sulphir oil on the scalp,  wearing wigs and drinking at least two litres of water. I also do scalp massages daily with my fingers but I'll try and incorporate the shampoo brush nightly. I will wash the hair twice a week because of the sulphur oil. 

June: Take the nature's bounty HSN vitamins, continue with the wig regimen as well as the wash regimen. Use the sulphur oil and do scalp massages.

July: No Vitamins. Take the beautifully bamboo tea or Green tea instead alongside folic acid. Apply sulphur oil, do scalp massages. 

August: Apply Ayurveda powders infusion :amla, Aritha and shikakai powders. I'll use these three times a week on the scalp. I won't take any supplement except folic acid. 

September-October: Repeat routine for August. 

November - December: Maintain the routine for August. I plan on taking either beautifully bamboo vitamins or the mane choice manetabolism vitamins again. This time, I'll stick to one capsule a day. In addition, I'll use the we naturals coconut and extra virgin olive oil on my scalp Daily. I'll do a scalp massage too. 


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