Current Hair Routine

Hello and welcome back to my regular blogging!😇😇😇

What's been going in with you? What's up with me? 

After the fiasco about my hair,  I know I needed a break from talk and blogging about my hair journey. I'm not sure of what you want to know so you can drop your questions in the comment section. 

I wash between two to three weeks. I've stopped weekly washing because my hair can survive the extra week. This makes caring for it less stressful. During the week,  I may pop on a wig and call it a day. 

My Edges

They are not not pleasant to the eye so I avoid exposing them. With the no braid system,  I wear my hair without being braided under the wig and it works. 

My scalp

Should it itch,  I use the scalp wash to clean it during the week. This method saves time and energy as well as products. 


Since I've been clearing up products in the stash, I haven't been restocking. What I've done is to purchase one set of Zabrinaturals to test. Aside these,  I haven't done any hair shopping. 


I am using hair wonder for a while and then move on to the nature's bounty HSN. Although I love the bamboo vitamins,  I need to use up the nature's bounty HSN first before regularising the bamboo supplements in my stash. 

For length check, I'm almost back to ear length and enjoying thicker hair. 

Now,  just stay tuned to see my progress as well as current hair length. Just a heads up,  I'm embarking on a different kind of hair journey now. Stay tuned for details. 


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