Deep Condition, Wash, Deep Condition To Restore Moisture

To make washing the hair easy,  I did co washing  the previous night and deep conditioned the next day. However,  the washing pattern changed. 

I applied aphogee balancing moisturizer generously to the hair and topped up with the Avery naturals pistachio oil. I covered with the steam cap and sat myswlf behind the movie "The Accountant".

I shampooed with the native Child shampoo and followed up with the deep conditioner. I don't think I've tried the deep conditioning ,shampoo, deep condition routine. The advantage of this technique is I will be able to deep condition before hopping under the shower which means I can easily wash and deep condition without moving in and out 

I wanted the hair to absorb a lot of moisture as it had become dry and brittle.  I'm  glad to be gradually getting into my hair journey again. 

This week,  I  began the nature's bounty after two days of no vitamins. Well,  the propelling reason was  that it was that time of the month and using supplements at this moment ensures high energy levels and prevents iron deficiency. 

I have a total of 165 capsules remaining so I'll take two day.  If I feel like it,  I might take one. I'm in no rush. 

We had a health walk which meant I had sweated so much to cause the sweat to dry it the hair  so it was the best time to deep condition.

This technique will be easy to maintain as it requires minimal time. During the week,  I'll do another session. 

This is hair without any oil just the mielle organics avocado hair milk. 
Have you seen the edges?  Ah,  well. We'll  see how it can grow back  in 3 months. 


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