Hair Wonder Month One

Let me Welcome myself back to the blogging hemisphere. I know I haven't posted any hair update in weeks so let's dive into this post. 

I'm still not in a good place with my hair but I feel better. I am not as enthused as I was but I'm managing to stay afloat. At this moment,  I'll just stick to growing it natural. I adore my natural hair so I'll keep growing it natural. I'll straighten it every three months for length checks. No big chopping this length off. 

Before  I wear the wig,  I apply the a bit of wonder cream to the edges and then to the whole scalp and massage. I love the wig but it seems the edges will suffer a bit from the rubbing of the ends. I'll find a style to wear later but for now,  I'll need to prevent the wig from damaging my edges. 

This is the beginning of the hair wonder cream challenge. 

I won't be taking any supplement with the hair wonder cream to get an accurate review. By end of June,  I should be able to give a first update.  I didn't want to wash the hair frequently but with the daily oiling with the cream,  I'll do a Co wash wash about three times a week and wash weekly. I'll blow dry when the thickness becomes too m

I'll take a progress picture each week for a collage until the cream runs out.


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