How To Maintain Healthy Short Hair

 I don't plan on doing the hydrogen peroxide bleach again until further notice. I want to steer clear of any kind of setback,  any dye,  any DIY that can damage the hair. I have 7 months to grow 7 inches and more: before December 7th,  2017. The reason is to push past Shoulder length. I'm not doing 6 weeks touch up like I used to do; I'm going full 12 weeks between relaxers to maintain the thickness, no overprocessing and no brown ends. I've done 4 weeks already; 8 more  weeks should be easy. I will get just about an inch or less trimmed off.

Getting to my goals is of extreme importance therefore, I'm not attempting any experiment nor using any unfamiliar products.  I'm making use of what I have to reach the desired goals. Aside the vitamins,  I use sulphur oil which is quite potent. I know the mielle organics vitamins is quite effective but I won't take any supplement after December, 2017. Between now and then,  I want to obtain the maximum results.

What are your second quarter goals?


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