Quick Wash Day+ Hair Wonder Cream Break

Date :9th May, 2017 

I woke up feeling quite uncomfortable with itchy scalp so I did a quick wash before setting off to work. 

I used the hibiscus shampoo twice to cleanse the hair ( need to put the shampoo brush back in the bathroom).  I followed up with native Child deep conditioner and aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. My hair really felt fresh. 

I slapped my wig on and called it a day after moisturizing and sealing. 

I sprayed the aloe Vera leave in conditioner and sealed with Jamaican Black castor oil hair food. Then,  massaged sulphur oil on the edges and scalp. I was using the hair wonder cream but I noticed the nature's bounty HSN will expire in no time thus I've switched to the sulphur oil. I want to use the wonder oil on its own for a fair review hence the decision to discontinue using it. 

The nature's bounty hair skin and nails vitamins will last about two months. Therefore,  hopefully by end of July I'll be done with the sulphur oil too. 

After that,  I plan on just taking the beautifully bamboo vitamins for the rest f the journey if I wish to do so (well,  I actually don't plan on doing it). 


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