Teiva Skin Care Haul & Review

As requested on my channel,  I'll be doing more reviews of our local products.

I'm commencing the series with Teiva skin care products. Visit www.teivaskincare.com (not paid to do this)  for details of each product.

But let's start with the neem turmeric soap.

The neem turmeric soap is neither drying nor moisturizing. My face stays normal after use.

I use this as often as sometimes twice a day to clean the face. Whilst I can't say it's the sole reason for my acne staying  away,  I can say it's helped with keeping the face fresh. I'd rather try their other soaps before making specific conclusions.

The 3 in 1 deep cleaning  facial scrub and mask  mask  contains kaolin clay and a variety of essential oils. It claims to draw impurities and deep cleanse the pores whilat conditionong the skin. I like this scrub though the granules aren't  much in it. As a scrub,  I was expecting more granules so it can effectively cleaner the skin. But the face does feel hydrated after use. I use it twice a week as directed. It has a foamy consistency and easy to apply.

Last is the ultra hydrating face cream. I liked the initially until I realized I had to seal with oils in order to prevent the dryness during the hair. The oiks aren't that much in it so those with oily face,  this will be good for you. I apply a bit and then follow up with pistachio oil.

Overall,  I'm eager t on get their other lines but for now,  the mask is my favourite.

Have you use Teiva skin care products?  What are your result?


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