Use Up Hair Products Progress

Whenever hoarders like me decide to purge our closet, then, we mean business especially with regard to hair products. I intend using up anything more than a year old in my stash and I have a ton of it.

  • First, the sheamoisture African black soap shampoo is finished. This was really a strong clarifying shampoo. It was worth it but I'm going back to my good old ORS aloe creamy shampoo. The difference between these two is the latter is more moisturizing and also removes mineral deposit as a result of the hard water we have - it has chelating uses.

  • The next one is the cantu co wash which was also quite good but I won't be restocking it. The review will be up soon. I'll try a new co wash; probably the As I Am or Eden Body Works.

  •  The kinky curly knot today leave in is empty. It will be replaced by Giovanni leave in. For the meantime, I've been using the Mielle organics avocado hair milk.  The Cantu sheabutter anti frizz leave in didn't work for me on the wet hair but rather on dry hair.  The Mielle  can last another six months and by then I'd have purchased the Giovanni leave in to try.  I also want to use some mane choice products. If I'm not in the mood to restock,  I'll keep using the DIY aloe Vera gel mixed with rose water and glycerin leave in.

  •  The first jar of the dark and lovely amla legend mask is also done.  I will use the second jar God willing next year. I haven't decided on the deep conditioner to try but I'm eyeing the Auntie Jackie one hopefully next year. I have the Alikay naturals deep conditioner too therefore I'm done for the year and probably next one since I don't intend wearing my hair out until I get back to this journey.

  • The cantu sheabutter conditioner is also almost  empty. I'll replace that with mane choice one or the Jamaican black castor oil one. In between will be the Zabrinaturals peppermint line ( I know it tingles but I'm all out to test our own products).

  • The sheamoisture superfruit conditioner has been emptied. I loved loved it!

  • I will finish the cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask before August. I've been alternating between the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and the balancing moisturizer. I use the steam cap these days to infuse more moisture in the hair. In any case,  the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor doesn't require heat but the moisturizer does hence the need for the steam cap. These two might take me through the rest of 2017 and even to 2018 so no purchasing of new deep conditioners.

  • The next product I've used up is the Jamaican black castor oil sage which I mixed into the sulphur oil.  I use the  hair food as a sealant in addition to the cocoa butter. That should also last till the end of 2018 God willing.

It seems I haven't mentioned replacement yet. That's the beauty of a Laissez-faire attitude towards my hair. You can make it cheap or expensive. It all depends on you. My hair has grown so much and yet I don't use a ton of products. If I can't get a leave in,  I'll  simply fall on the hibiscus leave in. I also have Auntie Jackie products on my wish list but that will be when I'm done with half of my hair oils.

Because I'm purchasing just the Giovanni leave in conditioner, I've decided to use up the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz leave in conditioner by applying it as a moisturizer. It seems my hair tolerates it that way.


  1. Pls were can I get some of the Cantu Shea butter


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