Au Naturale (By Dark and Lovely) Review on 4C Hair

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To give a fair review, I enlisted the help of a few readers who have had the  Au Naturale from Dark and Lovely. The purpose is to test the product on different textures for better representation.
This one i s by Maybel Ama Carl Aryee.
Let's go!

I received the products( shampoo, conditioner and hair butter) for free after successfully completing the requirements of tagging alot of my friends under one of dark and lovely Ghana's post.

Au Naturale Moisture Replenishing  Shampoo
All the 3 products had a very creamy semi-light consistency which was perfect and the smell omg! the shampoo, it really smells good, so good i was even reluctant to wash it out...its probably the best smelling product in the trio i got. So it says on the label of the shampoo to wet hair and apply a generous amount.
Au Naturale Knot out Conditioner
For the conditioner it says to apply from roots to end and comb through the hair.
For the butter it says to apply as much as needed to dry hair.
Well i wanted to feel the effect of the shampoo so i did not prepoo, i just wet my hair and applied as really lathered well and the smell was amazing. I rinsed it out and did a second wash (gasp!) wasn't really needed but i just had to,it smelled so good.

I did not deep condition as i normally would but i just went ahead and applied the conditioner section by section through my hair and i was blown strands literally melted in my hands and i could finger detangle with ease....I'm talking instant softness and i didn't even have to use much..i was blown away and again the smell was amazing.

Au Naturale Afro moisturizing butter.
For the butter i had to use my LOC method with it and it became the cream....i spritzed my scalp and hair with my spray bottle mix of water and peppermint oil, then i applied my we naturals hemp leave in, my oil mix(JBCO, EVCO, and peppermint oil), then topped it up with the hair butter...

My verdict: i love love the shampoo and would recommend it to hair felt a bit stripped but its to be expected; it contained sodium laurel sulfate.

The conditioner, i would also absolutely recommend to anyone and i would probably restock on that first.

For the hair butter I'm on the fence, immediately i applied it, i felt no softness in my hair actually like i hadn't sealed my hair at all.....but my hair felt extremely moisturized the next day...weird..i dont know if its because i layered all the other cremes and oils underneath the dark and lovely butter or the butter itself so, I'm on the fence with the butter.

Well its worthy to note that the mango oil and bamboo milk ingredients on which the whole line was marketed on was way down the ingredient list, im talking way down like not even part of the first 10 ingredients...dark and lovely,*side eye* 🙄 so per natural hair product rule i don't know if we are actually benefiting from the mango and bamboo ingredient since its not even part of the first 5 ingredients.


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