Simple Ways To Protect Your Edges

As we are on the journey to regrow our hairline or edges, what can be done to prevent or protect the edges from damage?

We already know of leaving out the edges when you braid. But what about getting them to look sleek? Get a gel with a good hold. I avoid those black hair gels for the reason that they contain protein which leaves my hair stiff. Opt for eco styler gel instead or any edge control that has a good hold. (call 0541458372 to purchase the gorilla snot gel).

Move the position of your satin cap when protecting your hair at night. In addition, watch how you place your wig cap.

Be sure to shampoo, deep condition and moisturise your edges too. Be sure you extend the products to that side too.

Apply your hair growth oils as a preventive measure against breakage. The best way to defend is to attack hence be diligent with the growth oils on that part.


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