4 Prepoo (Pre Shampoo)Treatment Hacks

Prepoo are obviously an integral part of our hair routine but there are moments we don't have time so here are a few tricks to make prepoo easier.

1. Overnight prepoo: This is by far the most easiest way and most beneficial method. Apply the oil at night and cover with caps. You wash the hair the next day.

2. Prepoo under wig: if you wear wigs and want to wash, you can apply the oil on the hair and cover with a plastic cap, wear your wig and allow the heat from the body to do the rest.

3. Apply the oil and do a workout: Your body's heat will allow the prepoo treatment to work faster.

4. The pack prepoo: This is a method I created a few years ago when I was too busy. I put on a plastic cap, followed by a shower cap or poly bag, followed by a beanie and then a scarf. This generates tons of heat to speed up the process prepoo. It's my favourite technique too.

5. Hooded dryer: You can use a hair steam cap like what I use or a hooded dryer. Apply the oil, cover with a cap and sit under the dryer for a while.

Which method works for you?


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