Au Naturale Plait Pudding Review

Today's Au Naturale review is the Plaiting pudding and this is what Vanessa had to say:

My review of the Dark and Lovely Au naturale plaiting pudding. The very first day I had the product I opened it and gosh the smell was heavenly lol. It smells like an actual edible pudding; I nearly tasted it.

 I then moved on to the consistency and it's  thick enough.  I washed my hair and applied it to hair and did a twist and flat twist. I slept with it over night and next morning I decided to take the twists out; I didn't apply oil in my hand to undo the twist yet my hair felt so moisturised. Unlike the normal gels in which you will have to apply oil in order to prevent you hair from drying out.

I believe it is so because in the ingredients glycerin and soybean oil is included.  It also defined my kinks. Though for the twist I got defined curls, the flat twist didn't come out like that but it was elongated .

Overall I'm in love with it 😍😍😍


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