Wash Day with Native Child Herbal Tea

The Native Child Herbal tea is part of the native line products from South Africa.
To ensure a fair assessment, I brewed the tea with hot water, allowed it to sit for a while and then strained it. 

I got a full jug brewed to last a month. The herbs smell fresh and the one that stands out is the rosemary scent. 

On dry hair, it didn't leave any hardness. I used it as a pre shampoo treatment to see how my hair will respond. The hair didn't feel hard and crunchy. 
I clarified with ORS aloe shampoo, deep conditioned under a steam cap with Aunt Jackie fix my hair intensive repair conditioning masque.

I airdried after T shirt drying the hair. Next morning, I applied Mielle organics avocado hair milk and sealed with Tropic Isle Jamaican black Castor oil hair food.

My hair is doing great and though I feel lazy doing my own hair now, I'm hoping to get back into doing it weekly else salon wash continues Lol.


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