Aloe Vera for Sore Scalp

The one thing this week has taught me is that whatever I did with the previous big chops were not really about the techniques but one ingredient - aloe vera. I haven't used aloe vera this time and the sore scalp has opened my eyes to how essential this ingredient is.

My scalp has been sore to the point of being unable to touch! I scanned my routine and noticed that I've left out aloe vera this time. I opened a leave and applied it; my scalp responded to it immediately. I mean I felt a soothing effect right after application.

We don't know what we have until we find ourselves in need. Can you imagine that the aloe vera treatment was the key to my scalp feeling good after big chop? I felt my hair wasn't also growing as fast as the last time and that has also been explained. You won't get fast hair growth with a damaged scalp!

I've plugged more fresh aloe vera plant to use daily. I don't care about shrinkage hence I can use the treatment for as long as possible.

When I applied the aloe vera, I covered with a steam cap. The calming effect of the aloe vera was just relaxing! Talking about relaxing your hair, this experience has convinced me that our scalp gets affected by the chemicals in the relaxer.

If that is not the case, then, why the sore scalp after big chop? As my scalp gets healed, I'm going to get more aloe vera treatment done each week when the hair even becomes longer.

To increase the detoxing of the scalp, I applied a generous amount of Jamaican black castor oil before steaming. Jbco restores the pH of your scalp.

This will be my go to hair treatment until the scalp is OK.


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