Finally!! The Sulphur Hair Growth Oil Proof

So, I've been making noise about my sulphur hair growth oil and a lot of customers have sent in their own progress pictures. I've used the oil before but I cut my hair during the challenge. Since I ought to get my length back( you won't understand but I'll explain when I get there).

Today, 29th August, 2017 marks the first day of the 4 months of Sulphur Hair Growth oil challenge for me. I don't intend braiding even during Xmas season because of the edges but I do want to be able to pull a bun under the wigs. I'm not going take ANY hair growth vitamins but the one condition that will make me stop is if I'm pregnant.

Aside that, I don't have any qualms about using the oil until December 15th thereabout. I'll do updates as frequent as possible. If I pause, it may be because of the reason I've provided.

Anyway, if you wish to buy a bottle, call me 0541458372 and you get to enjoy free delivery anywhere in Ghana too! That's cool, isn't it?


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