Grow Your Edges ( Edge Entity Month 1)

We are close to the last quarter of the year 2017 already and as it stands now, I can say my edges have grown in a lot!

I've been faithful in using the edge entity follicle stimulant daily and I see that the parts that were bald are gradually growing back. I've had the second shaping of the back and I have a last one to do in a few months time.

This is the first month of using the cream out of 6 months so in look forward to seeing thicker edges by month 3. This period has made me realize the damage I was doing to the edges.  Braids and weaves aren't  bad; I just had instances of tight braids that put pressure on the hairline.  After postpartum, I shouldn't  have braided nor worn a weave to allow the edges to fully recover.  That is what has resulted in the bald patches around the edges. Even as it grows in,  it looks like it's  going to take years to have a full hairline again. I'm willing to give  myself that much time to heal my edges and also my scalp.

If I'll braid,  it will be definitely  in December because of the harmattan so I may repurchase the edge entity cream to use as a maintenance measure.

All the same,  let's  see how it goes. If by December  my hair is longer and can't  go under wigs without cornrows,  I'll know what to do.

This week,  I may be back to wearing wigs as I resume work duties.  The reason is to prevent dry hair as a result of the cold,  dry weather.  If it's  not like I anticipate,  I'll truly enjoy wearing my TWA out.


  1. Everyone of us needs long healthy and shinning hair. Thanks for sharing the info regarding the hair growth. I will certainly use this cream to keep my hair straight and long.


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