Moisturizing and Sealing Tapered Cut

The tapered cut is less stressful but that doesn't eliminate moisturizing and sealing to protect the hair.

I focus on the top part as that has the longest hair. I spray Kukie hair mist on it, apply We Natural leave in or sometimes the Mielle Organics hair milk anf seal wit the Tropic Isle Jamaican black castor oil hair food.

I brush down the back and comb out the too part. With time, I'll be able to twist the top to a twist out! About 6-8 months of growth can get me there.
Will I trim again? Certainly! The next tell is in two month time and I'll be leveling the back and trimming the ends of the top.
I really love this stress free style and for those wondering whether it is worth it, let me say, 'Yes, it is'.


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