Wash Day With Amla Legend Mask

I washed the hair with the Ayurveda powders comprising amla, brahmi and aritha powders.

My hair felt well moisturized after the cleansing so I just used the Dark and Lovely Amla mask for 5 minutes to increase the moisture. Since my hair has grown in, deep conditioning is a must to prevent dryness.

After rinsing, I applied Sulphur hair growth oil on the scalp and sealed with oil.

I have a week's worth of hairfinity left after which I'll switch to biotin for the rest of the year. Can you believe we have 4 months left? How?

I want to make use of these months left so I can get longer hair for the festive season. I'm still considering the Nubien Locs by Akuwaa Locs.

Let the growing continue! About 4 inches will the magic Lol.
As for my edges, all I need now is for it to grow longer. The gaps are filling in and that's exciting news.

I'm in love with my hair and can't wait to have the length back.


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