Wash Day With Butterflygh Hair Products

My scalp hasn't seen water on two days and I had to shampoo so I went in for the Butterflygh hair products. I'll post a review after two more uses.

1. Shampooed with the Butterflygh herbal mint shampoo. I was in for a huge and lovely surprise with this shampoo.
2. Followed up with the herbal mint conditioner with the intention of deep conditioning afterwards. Well, that flew out of the window because this conditioner also surprised me in the most pleasant way.

3. I used the Kukie Naturals hair mist and sealed with Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil.

I applied edge entity cream to the edges and took my hairfinity vitamins.

My next wash is in 4 days time and I'll be using the kukie naturals sample line so stay tuned. I'll give more details about the effectiveness or otherwise of the samples.
Well, I guess we are back to texturizing after that failure.


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