Wash Day with Chelating Shampoo

I wanted to skip the wash as I was terribly unwell but somehow I knew having water on my scalp would feel great and indeed it was!

1. Washed with the ORS aloe creamy shampoo to remove build up from the relaxer I used and the water I use in washing my hair. Since tapered cut doesn't require much, I just slathered on Butterflygh conditioner and left it on for five minutes.

I covered the hair with a satin cap to continue the wash day the next morning. I applied we naturals leave in conditioner and Mielle organics avocado hair milk.

I texturized to make it easy to get up and move. I have so much to do at this moment (I'll share details when the time is set). Jiggling four things at this point required some sacrifices and my hair is the least so that's it. With tapered, I may keep growing out the hair to a certain length to have a full top length. Whatever happens, I'll keep the hair healthy.


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