6 Things I Look Forward To (October 2017 to October 2018)

I've missed my length so much but I've made peace with myself and my hair regarding my love of fierce cuts!

Now that I have made the choice to grow the hair in a relaxed state, I've realized that there are 6 things I'd love to do.
1. Wear a bun with extensions at the end. I miss this style so much!

2. Use up products within a month so I don't hoard.

3. Wear headband around the hairline whilst the hair is in a top bun

4. Air dry and get puffy, frizzy hair!

5. Try some product lines on the market eg. From Sheamoisture and Creme of nature, Eden Bodyworks and Sunny Isle.

6. The last one is to be able to do 12 weeks relaxer stretch throughout the 12 months of the challenge. 4 relaxer application within a year would be great for maintaining my dark and thick hair!


  1. Great to know that you are all set to grow your hair back. I think olive oil and a mixture of almond oil and Moroccan oil can help you in growing your hair faster.


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