How To Make Your Own Liquid Biotin

Getting the maximum benefit from your biotin requires constantly taking it with meals. However, what happens in reality is we sometimes forget to take it or find it hard taking it with the meal, especially, if we have to swallow it. For Chewable vitamins, the tendency is to do so after the meal as they tend to be sugary and will affect our taste buds whilst eating Lol. What's the solution?

For some biotin and vitamins in capsule form, simply add to your beverage and take it. I tried this technique with my natures bounty gummies and it was a success! It melted in the beverage so I got to enjoy my meal as well as take my vitamins.

You can add to your drink or juice too, especially smoothie in the morning. For tablet vitamins, even cold water can dissolve it for you. If you feel it might be bitter, then, your morning tea or porridge can handle that. Just drop it in a spoonful of what you are drinking to melt and take it. Recall those days of bitter paracetamol or chloroquine?😂😂😂😂

For the rest of my hair journey, I don't think I'll be slowing pills again. Even with gummies, adding to the beverage in the morning will ensure that I have enough fluid going with it.


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