My Hair Update; Nature's Bounty Gummies

It seems I've gone under the radar; well, I have because I'm back to work but my hair hasn't been neglected at all.

I've had three more cuts with the last one being last week. I've had with my hair more than I've ever had! No complaints, no qualms at all about length.

Now, I'm ready to embrace the natural life. Haven enjoyed short hair like that I've satisfied my cravings and also grown used to the cuts.

I finished the Hairfinity vitamins 2 weeks ago and just began taking the nature's bounty Gummies as my energy levels dipped. I do take supplements for my energy level so the hair vitamins are just the best way of getting to enjoy both worlds.

My goal is to grow out the hair for Braids in the harmattan at the Northern region (I may spend Xmas there). I miss Braids but I miss my natural, unrelaxed hair more.

I love my natural hair now more than ever and I'm super excited to give it another try. Of course haven worn twa for 3 months in a row, I guess I've overcome the twa hump stages of my journey.

The weather is quite cold these days too so occasionally, I wear a wig.
I've washed my hair several times in the past weeks but I'll have a proper wash day post later in the year. For now,I'm gearing up for Boot Camp 2018. It's all about helping and supporting each other to grow out the hair. The boot camp is 12 months so expect progress updates.
How's your hair?


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