People Treat Me Differently Because...

Less than 24 hours ago, I had my TWA swag. Then, I decided to braid it up and fortunately, the hair dresser got something done for me.

In shoving twist of events, I went out this morning and I got a different response from people. Let me backtrack.

Here are some pictures I took of my hair.

So, the weather has changed and for that I decided to hide the hair.

I went out to grab a few things for the family and the look on the faces of some people 😂😂😂😂. Why? My short hair was seen as an indication of being young, I mean talk of Senior High School student! I, then, noticed people's tone had changed towards me. The spoke to me as an adult, listened to my views and opinions and smiled like they were supposed to. What do I mean? The braids have given me another insight into what people perceive as maturity.

I got better service because the braids made me look matured! I accept that I have a baby face but the sharp contrast in the way others treat me got me surprised. Even some new workers around suddenly 'saw' me. I think they thought I was a student living with my brother because I don't wear my wedding bands at home Lol.

Even taxi drivers treat me like I deserve 😂 . I never thought cutting your hair for a petite woman like me could be a life changer! I'll be back with more reactions!


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