Empties So Far + No Hair Vitamins

I, initially, wrote that I was switching to the Vitacost hair skin and nails vitamins but this is the opportune time to use the ESO hair oil for a better review. Mind you, I do have another concoction ready to be used in 2018 therefore the year 2018 will certainly be filled with oiling the scalp for growth.

The key ingredient in the ESO is sulphur which aids in hair growth and also thickness. It's going to be an awesome period right?

I've gone off all supplements except folic acid so I don't know if anything that might influence this test. It's going to take a lot of courage to stay away from hair vitamins Lol. My system is addicted to it and although I did take a 3 months break during the year it's going to require more effort to do the same again.

All the same, tomorrow marks the beginning of the year long relationship with my own ESO hair growth oil. I'll try do monthly comparisons as usual so we check the progress.
There are my motivational pictures.


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