Last Wash Day for 2017

Using the s curl no drip activator moisturiser has been a blessing to my hair as I don't have problems with dryness, at least for now.

I used the Native Child Moisturising shampoo to wash twice to remove all build up. I need a fresh scalp therefore the clarifying shampoo was the best option.

I followed with VO5 kiwi lime squeeze conditioner, I love this product so much. After January though, I'll switch to the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor or the balancing moisturizer for weekly deep conditioning treatment. That will strengthen my hair as it gets longer.

After washing, I just applied Jamaican black castor oil hair food. I won't use the hair milk or leave in until I have about 3 inches of hair when the hair will need more moisture.

I'm optimistic about 2018 being a year of natural hair glory. I take my gummies daily and plan to continue with supplements until I can braid box braids. That's the first goal for 2018. I'll do a full video and post it tomorrow so stay tuned.

Happy 31st December. Catch you tomorrow


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