Merry Christmas- 2017 Recap

Through it all, we've been blessed to witness this season. 

This year was anot interesting one for the reason that I virtually kept cutting off the hair to maintain it short. That wasn't the plan but I guess enjoying the short hair made me forget about the 2017 goals LOL.

This year too, I finally put finishing touches to the sulphur oil branded as ESO hair oil - Emprezz Sulphur Oil. I look forward to seeing more reviews from customers. 

Lastly,  I moved from only hair to skin care products in the shop too. You can now get cleansers, scrubs, toner, sunblock, and masks. The best news is that we'll be going physical in 2018 so stay tuned for updates. Our physical shop will be it more easier to walk in for products as well as allow us expand the product lines.

It's been an amazing yet roller coaster year and I pray 2018 is more favourable.

As for the hair, I'm fully 100% natural and tapeered!! I've been using the ESO scalp oil on the edges and the scalp and I've definitely had more growth.

Have a wonderful yuletide season!


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