Wash day + New Tapered Hair

I've been washing my hair at least every 3 days but haven't been able to take pictures because I don't have a working phone at the moment.

The washing have been pretty simple and easy:
1. Shampoo with either Butterflygh shampoo or the native child shampoo.
2. Deep conditioners with beauty formulas tea tree deep conditioner  (I've emptied that now).
3. Apply ESO Scalp oil or Jamaican black castor oil hair food. I do skip leave in because my damp hair is enough for moisture.

I use the S curl np drip activator moisturiser whenever the hair feels dry.

The tapered cut has left two textures on the hair; the top has the texlaxed hair and the back is completely natural. I'll have the back trimmed again in a few weeks times as well as a bit of the top for healthy ends. I'm enjoying the hassle free tapered cut so much but that doesn't change any of my goals for 2018.

The reason being that the tapered top has to get long enough for styles. As for the back, I won't cut it again. I'd rather keep trimming the top as the natural hair grows in. I don't want to lose any length there hence the decision to just trim.

I use the ESO Scalp oil as often as possible since I want fast hair growth. By a
MAY 2018, I want to have at least 3 more inches of natural hair for a fuller top and back.

The overall goal is to have thick and healthy tapered cut natural hair in 2018. As for length, it will come but I need the hair to be healthy too.

That's what's been up with my hair. I'm wishing Santa will bring me Samsung galaxy Tab A 8. If. You will do that for me, just call me on 0541458372 Lol. I do have a lot of skin care stuff for you this Xmas so WhatsApp or call for yours.


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