Washing Tapered Cut Natural Hair

Washing tapered natural hair has been so much easier and fun to do. I've incorporated giava leaves rinse and rice water rinses to aid in keeping the shine and softness as well as increase growth.

Although I won't be using hair vitamins in 2018, the ESO Scalp oil and these rinses  will certainly contribute to fat hair growth. I'm  planning on starting my dawn jogging before 1st January or go back to the gym in order to lose some weight. These excerises also increase blood circulation hence fast hair growth.

When I said I didn't intend buying any hair product in 2018, I knew some will doubt it so  I'll continue with the occasional empty products  updates  for you to know how it's going. I don't mind give away ones or sample ones but I'm definitely not purchasing anything in 2018.

The vitamin I wanted to use for 3 months was the mane choice hair vitamins but as it stands now, the prenatal will suffice.

When I get my new phone, I'll be sure to add pictures.
Here are a few though.

You can call or WhatsApp to purvabe yours. 0541458372.


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