We've Got Our Edges Goals

I'm so optimistic about 2018 and I know it's going to be awesome when it comes to my natural hair.

I'd usually cut my hair in January or February but 2017 was a year of cutting so we are entering 2018 with already short natural hair LOL. I still won't be purchasing new products in 2018 so it's going to be quite monotonous as regards wash day products. However, the exciting part is getting to grow with me again. I turn 33 this year and 3 is a blessed number for me. I can't grow 33 inches but I can aim for 12 inches in the 12 months, and that's what I want to achieve.

Aside the ESO scalp oil and of course my supplements, I will also use rice water as a weekly rinse to thicken the hair as well as add shine to it. I may take Natrol Hair Skin and Nails vitamins (I discovered this in October 2017). It's 2 months supply so I can use that from February to March. So what am I taking for January? Mane choice vitamins because it has less biotin. My body can't tolerate a lot of biotin.

I'll take the supplements for 6 months and then finish up my doctor's prenatals for him lol. That means by June, I should have 6 inches, right? That's the goal.
From now to March too, I'll be using the ESO oil on my edges twice a day. Since I won't be braiding until probably
JUNE, this will be the best moment to push for fuller edges. The boot camp rules require we do this each day so I may give frequent updates about the hairline.

At least the bald parts have some light hair growing out there thus it will be great to see thickness there.

I'm taking the mane choice as I wait for my supplements to arrive. How's your hair ?

If you wish to grow with us, check out the Facebook page www.Facebook. com/ghanaianemprezzpage to partake in the January Boot camp.


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