Why I cut Off Almost All My Hair So Often

This post is a follow up on the post I put up a few hours ago. There are some things I had to think through before sharing them. Personally, I love to share the nitty gritty of my journey but 2017 wasn't about my hair. It was about feeling good and comfortable. I did cut off all the relaxed hair but not to go natural in 2018.

The reason for trimming off the relaxed parts was because it was over processed and as such looked redish. As a blogger, I need to set good examples and I didn't want to go into 2018 with that damage.

The first goal now is texturize only 4 times in the year. After the barber cut off the redish top off, I felt a renewed energy to grow the hair healthy again. I didn't discuss the over processing because I wanted to get things sorted.

Why the over processing? The first 2 relaxer applications were basically on the short hair but the tips suffered too much damage. In as much as I wanted to reach armpit length, I don't like to do so with damaged hair. I can't stand red or brownish hair at all.

I look forward to an amazing 2018 with thicker hair but the main reason why I decided to explain myself is to stop giving surface excuses and let readers know what is on my mind. On several occasions, I'll just mention that I've cut off my hair. Only 2 people know the actual reasons. I've had a lot of over processed brownish hair and that has been the bane of having perfect hair. I can't say it's a disorder but yes, I'm struggling to even reveal this because I feel very vulnerable doing so. Aside that, there are moments I cut off my hair because I'm stressed and it makes me feel good.

When I had a miscarriage, I cut it off. I didn't mention this even on this blog but 2016 was a difficult year. After 2015, most of my hair cuts have been informed by stress or over processed hair.

Each time I cut off the hair, I found solace in the water running on my scalp without any hindrance. Right now, I feel like I'm exposing a hidden part of me but that's the only way I can move on. I cut my hair as a way of boosting my self confidence since I do look fierce and carefree in short hair.

At the beginningof 2017, I cut the hair off because I was too stressed with work and personal health challenges. I promised to end 2017 on a clean heart to heart chat with you. I've tried to be as open as possible. At this moment, all I ask for is your prayers to help me cope with stress without cutting my hair.

As for the over processing, I intend to do just one touch up every 3 months and not allow short hair frustration to push me back to 6 weeks schedule.

I feel like this post has been all over the place but that's the best way I can articulate my challenges.


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