Curly Weave on or Sew In Allergy

I switched to a new hair dresser and she managed to fix a weave for me. 

The hair style didn't take long to install and I'm glad I got a new person to do my hair. Sometimes, familiarity indeed breeds contempt.
This stylist just got me snatched and I loved it. 

After about a week, my scalp began to itch and I didn't know why. The itching got worse and I had to take down the weave. That's when I saw the extent of the reaction. I couldn't touch my hair nor scalp until the next morning.

1. Shampooed with tea tree shampoo and butterflygh shampoo as both have essential oils to soothe the scalp. 
2. Conditioned with VO5 conditioner and rinsed out. 
3. Massaged the scalp with ESO scalp oil. 

Next day, I did a hair rinse with guava water and applied the scalp oil again. I covered with conditioning cap and slept with it. 

Next day, the itching was slightly better so I did another rinse and oiled the scalp again. This is the worse reaction I've ever had!

I'll be using fresh aloe Vera gel to soothe the irritated scalp as I continue using the scalp oil. 
I guess this ends the road to braids LOL. My hair is getting thicker so I'll be able to wet it each morning with the guava water until the scalp heals.
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