January Week 4 Hair Growth

I've switched to the prenatal vitamin so my growth now is dependent on how I treat my hair.

My hair grows regardless of what I take; what matters is the way I cleanse and treat the hair.
Over the weekend, I used the aztec Indian Healing Clay to detox my hair and scalp. That was an amazing experience and as a result, I'll be using the bentonite clay once a month to ensure a clean scalp and alternate it with the ORS aloe creamy shampoo.

I'll be using hiar serums too to facilitate moisture retention too. As for deep conditioners, I have 3 to use up and I'll be incorporating more to allow my hair flourish.

I'll be back with the wash routine video during the week. 
I have to be frank and say that I'm nervous about not using hair growth vitamins like I psyched myself to do Lol.

How's your hair? 


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