5 Things To Grow My Natural Hair Fast

Because the Bald patch is my main focus, I'm looking at using a few things to speed up growth within 4 weeks so that are covers up. Aside that, I'm ok with any growth I get later Lol.

Today is day 3 after the cut and here's how far I've come. 

Technically, I'm 2 Weeks Post Relaxer so that's another 4 weeks to do to gain some few inches. 

1. Use the rice water rinses twice a week. I have enough for this week so I've soaked more in water for the next few days to ferment. 

2. Apply ESO scalp oil daily. ESO has a variety of natural oils and Sulphur so I'm good there. 

3. Take 1000mcg vitacost biotin alongside my prenatal vitamins. Prenatals are mainly for the folate and iron so the biotin will boost the growth  as my body gets good with the prenatal. 

4. Use emu oil and vitamin E oil in April (by then it would have arrived? Emu oil has a composition similar to sebum hence it will great for healing the scalp. In addition, I'll be song Jamaican Black Castor Oil on the hair itself. 

5. Lastly, I'll be wetting my hair as often as possible. Water will keep the hair hydrated along with using deep conditioners. That will keep the hair nourished.

These are simple things I've been doing anyway. The only new thing is the emu oil.


  1. Looks to be going good, so far!



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