Achieving Maximum Hydration on 4c Hair

4C natural hair is easy to manage if you know what to use and how to hydrate it hence that's what I've started doing.

As the hair grows out, the ends will need extra attention to prevent knots and tangles. The first step is acknowledging that my 4c hair is easy to maintain. This mindset will go a long way to help me enjoy me journey.

Misting the hair 2x a day even without applying oil. The hair mist has enough oil so that's not a problem.

The small growth will take a while to get hydrated but once that's done, you can imagine how easy it will be to keep the hair moisturized.

The second measure I've taken is wetting the hair whenever under the shower. I sometimes use just a little bit of oil afterwards to seal.

These 2 techniques have already began yielding results and it's great to comb the hair easily.

I'll be wearing a short wig for the rest of the year whenever I'm going to work. Why? I just don't want to manipulate my hair to increase length retention. I'm beginning on 19th February, 2018 and continue until I can braid my own hair with extensions. That's about 6 months of growth but if the vitamins work, that should be in 3 months 😍😍😍😍 3 inches in 3 months will be awesome. April to July, I'll see if the hair can fit into cornrows. If it can, wiggling will be easier.

Let's see how the hydration goes.


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