Growing Natural with Zero Products

That's my ultimate natural hair goal but I saw a video with that title and I asked, 'Is that possible?'

I realized it's possible but we really don't want to do it Lol. All the same, for my broke budget  it won't be a bad idea to be less dependent on hair products. I always advocate for the less expensive ones so we don't over do things.

So, what's my plan? I have a ton of products to use up for the next couple of years, may be 2 years. However, most will be for the purpose of reviews for you.

First though, let's get the length. Because of my hairline, I've been controlling the temptation to braid the hair but I don't know if I can hold on for that long. Braiding is a major protective style and that also hinders one from using so much products. If I decide to braid until I hit my goal, I'll be able to do zero products. Therefore, I'm still on the zero products team if it comes to braids. 

Anyway, can you grow your hair with zero products? 


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